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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009 Empty BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

Post by FystyAngel on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:40 am

Just as feedsters and BBAD viewers were convinced that day 16 in the BB house was exciting as watching paint dry, the proverbial Sh*t hit the fan, and Ronnie the rat was finally caught in his own trap and forced to retreat to his HOH room . The HGs spent the next 3 hours comparing notes about Ronnie’s lies and manipulation, and all seemed to agree that Ronnie is the rat that we all know he is. But just when you think there’s no way out of this for Ronnie, we learn that there is a single holdout to the let’s-burn-Ronnie-at-the-stake crowd. Ronnie quickly regains his closest ally when Jessie convinces Natalie that Ronnie absolutely cannot be smart enough to know everything about everyone, and therefore he must be getting help from the BB gods. Jessie’s paranoia and bitterness over last season’s pre-sequester ouster continues to taint his ability to believe that he has been suckered yet again. After all Ronnie was the first person to scurry to Jessie’s HOH and pledge his undying loyalty, and, in Jessie’s mind, anyone that smart couldn’t be manipulating and lying to him without pressure and assistance from BB.

And just as we had no way of knowing that day 16 would end as it did, when BB’s first wake-up call comes shortly after 8AM BBT, it is quickly followed by music and the lyrics “Ziggy played his guitar...He played his hand...,” the only thing we know for certain is that day 17 is not going to be yet another Ground Hog Day for the house guests. It is finally a new day, with new possibilities.

9:09AM BBT, Ronnie is called to the DR, and as he walks by Russell in the living room Russell says, “Good morning , Rat. Rattie, Rat, Rat. How are you doing, Ratty, rat, rat. ” Michele is in the kitchen cooking breakfast, and Russell tells her that he was absolutely giddy when he was called to DR and could wait to talk about last night’s fight, but they wanted other information. Ronnie comes out of the DR a few minutes later and scurries through the house with Russell right behind him asking how it feels to have been busted out, “That I got you?” As a gamer, it must suck that Russell got you. Ronnie is silent but picks up his pace and scurries to the safety of his HoH room; Russell taunting him all the way. As the door to the HOH room closes, Michele explains that it’s weird actually being happy about another person’s pain. Minutes later, alone in the kitchen, Russell dances for joy.

Russell eats his eggs alone in the kitchen, and at 9:35AM he walks upstairs and like Cerberus, the mythological multi-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades, he makes himself comfortable on the couch opposite the HOH door waiting patiently for Ronnie to emerge. On the other side of that door, and not quite as comfortable, Ronnie tries to sleep, but has the spy screen set on the living room. Russell falls asleep, and we hear gentle snoring. [Or is it growling?]

By 11:52AM BBT, Casey’s smoked a couple of cigarettes on the patio, and returned to bed only to be interrupted by BB’s second wake-up call, followed by brief FoTH. Jessie, Lydia and Jeff get out of bed and head to kitchen and bathroom. Jessie is sitting on the back of the LR couch, while Jeff eats breakfast and Lydia is at the stove preparing hers. By a few minutes past noon , only Casey and Russell are unaccounted for. They know Casey’s still in bed, but wonder about Russell and have no clue that he’s still guarding the HOH door.

Jeff and Jessie are in the bathroom marveling about the mind capacity Ronnie must have to lie like he has. Jessie says, I can't even remember what happened two days ago. Jeff replies, “I can’t even spell two days ago.” They both laugh. Jeff imagines what Ronnie must do at home, creating havoc in grocery stores by telling one shopper that another shopper stole her peach. Jeff wants to talk to Ronnie just to see what he says, and Jessie says, “He’ll get me again. We have to write on our hands, Don’t listen to him. You’ll leave the room and say, No wait, why do I hate Kevin?”

Meanwhile, Lydia and Michelle are in the BY talking. Michele tells Lydia that she is sure that Russell was Ronnie’s spy. Both question how weird it is that Russell is up there on the couch outside the HOH. Jessie says that he thinks he heard the door open earlier. Now they all seem to believe that Russell was lying up there to hide the fact that he’d been in the HOH with Ronnie. [Ed. It amazes me how hard these people work to make Russell the bad guy in this, considering he’s been the most vocal about Ronnie being the rat.] Protecting her position in the house, Michelle pushes for Russell to go out before Ronnie, because Russell wins comps. [Ed. Her statement lacks logic since Ronnie’s sitting in the HOH.]

12:30PM BBT: Natalie and Jessie are upstairs playing chess just outside the HOH. Ronnie is inside listening to his Legally Blonde tape, and sees Jessie and Natalie on the spy screen.

12:45PM BBT: Jessie in HOH room reassuring Ronnie that it isn’t over yet, that he still has his back, but it’s got to be on the down low. Jessie explains that of course they are all upset, but he knows that Ronnie never lied to him and that everything between the two of them is cool. He explains that Ronnie will be nominated, but that still gives him a chance for the POV. “There’s no F-ing way that I’m going up as a pawn,” so he may play POV as well. Ronnie wants to know who he would have vote wise, and then recites Jessie, Natalie, Lydia, Kevin and Chima are Ronnie’s count. Jessie tells to just stay in his room till Thursday and stay cool, that he’ll take care of everything. Ronnie and Jess keep checking the spy screen. Jessie says, everyone’s watching up here. Ronnie says that he understands, “We are straight”. Jessie pats his shoulder and then slithers out the door.

1:30PM BBT: Natalie and Jessie playing chess upstairs. The two are this year’s stealth whisperers, but I believe Natalie said that she feels sorry for Ronnie, and wonders what she and Jessie will do now that they can’t talk to him.
1:57PM BBT: Ronnie emerges from the DR, and Russell is on his heels, mocking Ronnie—“My wife will be so disappointed in me,” wiping fake tears from his eyes. Or how about this one? How many quarters you got, Ronnie? About $150? How about $600? Ronnie opens the HOH door, and Russell yells, “You should have sent me home when you had the chance…you blew it, you blew it…I’m still here!” Safely inside, Ronnie goes straight for the spy cam.

2:00PM BBT: At the pool, Lydia is talking to Jordan about who would put up whom, according to Ronnie. Jordan assures Lydia that her name never came out of her mouth. Lydia tells Jordan that she still doesn’t trust Russell. ”But here’s the deal with Jessie and Natalie, they come as a package deal, you know.” And Natalie blows up and can’t be controlled… [Feed switches]
When the feed returns, Jordan is telling Lydia how the plan to backdoor Russell evolved. She is being honest and accurate about the sequence of events, and explains how Laura kept telling her that they couldn’t trust Ronnie. She eventually convinced Laura that they could trust him, and how shocked they all were when the vote ended up in a 5-5 tie. Talk shifts to the day of the technotronic fight, and Lydia picks up on the fact that Russell said that he had talked to Ronnie in the SR and that is was Ronnie who got him all fired up. She says that can’t be true, because Ronnie was outside with them when the fight occured. Lydia is now convinced that Russell and Ronnie are working together, and that Russell is actually the puppet master.
[Ed. Russell’s version is true. He and Ronnie met in the SR, Ronnie got Russell all riled up, and then left the SR so he could have a front row seat when the explosion took place. Note the difference between Ronnie’s choice to view the fruits of his lies, and the Russell’s choice to go shave his head after planting and watering the seeds of mistrust that led Braden to confront Lydia? ]

2:20PM BBT: All four feeds are on Ronnie wallowing in self pity.

2:32PM BBT: Feeds now all on the BY. Russell is in the pool, and Michelle is tanning. Casey is smoking a cigarette, and asks if “the rat” came down to eat yet today. No one has seen him. Not much talking.

2:50PM BBT: Feeds are now on the kitchen, where Lydia is telling Jordan and Chima that she is obsessive compulsive about shaving her arms every day, and has to lotion her entire body when she gets out of the shower. Discussion about specific lotions each likes, and Lydia begs J&J to send her a goody basket.
They all agree that the early morning wake-up call was really weird since BB only called two people to the DR. C
Chima expresses concern about Ronnie not eating all day, and Lydia suggests leaving a plate outside his door. Casey says ”No!”

3:01PM BBT: Jessie and Natalie are still upstairs on the couch. Jessie tells Natalie not to talk to Chima about anything they’ve been talking about. Natalie says we’ll just have to vote him [Ronnie] out. Jessie replies that it depends about who goes up as a pawn, and since the rock-paper-scissors thing was Casey’s idea, then Casey can go up as the pawn. Jessie goes on to say that Ronnie swears that he never lied or went against Jessie, Nat, Kevin, Lydia or Chima. [Ed. Both of them know that the statement of innocence is a lie, and there have been others.]

Natalie is confused, One minute you’re for him and the next you’re not. If we don’t do this the house stays divided, because it doesn’t matter if Russell is an Athlete, if he’s on the other side.

Jessie explains that, despite the fact that keeping Ronnie would benefit them-- because they would be all that he has-- he can’t really push to keep Ronnie in the house, or the target will be on him. “It doesn’t hurt us if we lose him.” He says that they can’t be the one to bring up the subject of saving Ronnie.
Natalie: “Yeah, but now everyone is friends. So, we don’t say anything, and no one says anything and it’s over. “

Jessie tells her that they aren’t friends, and, in his I’ve-been-here-before voice, explains that someone else will bring it up. “It just takes time, we need to just ride it out. “ Jessie believes that they still have Lydia, because it was Kevin and Ronnie who wanted Russell gone, not Lydia.

Natalie isn’t so sure, and tells Jessie that when they were up in the room, it was Lydia who did all the talking.

Jessie says that he’ll talk to Lydia later, and explains that they’ll just have to ride it out, and maybe lose someone from their team. Natalie [being Natalie] wants to go talk to Lydia right now!

3:15PM BBT: Jeff, Lydia and Casey are in the BY talking about how hard it is to try and reset and start over again after everything that's been said, even though they know Ronnie was the instigator. Jeff swears to Lydia that he never called Kevin a F, and it's no wonder he gave him that strange look when he invited Kevin to work out with him right after he supposedly said it. At least now everything makes sense now.

Lydia tells Jeff she wants to talk to him later about the big lie she's caught Russell in, then says, “Wow, I feel like we’re in the movie Departed. They all agree and talk about the movie for a few moments. Jeff remarks that at least everything makes sense now. He just didn’t get why everybody hated him. He said they should just let Ronnie starve in his room. “The thing that sucks the most is that everyone is trying to erase everything that happened, but now either Laura or Jordan has to go home, and Ronnie may possibly get lucky and be safe next week.”

3:27PM BBT: In the KT, Jeff tells Casey about how Ronnie told Kevin that he kept calling him a f*gg*t. Jeff can’t believe that Ronnie said that, and assures Casey that it never came out of his mouth. Chima explains that Kevin would find the use of the F-word more offensive than someone saying, “Oh, that is gay!” Jeff agrees that’s not as derogatory. Jeff said Kevin probably thought that he hated him, and he didn’t even know what was going on. “I’m just glad this got out before sh*t really got ugly.

Casey says that it usually takes 2-3 weeks before there is genuine dislike for people. Chima says it was like 2-3 days. Jordan pulls the trash bag out. Jeff gets a garbage bag ready to go into the container, then carries the trash to the storage room.

Jessie is at the kitchen sink. Casey remarks that Ronnie has to be totally worn out from everything he’s said, and compliments Jordan for getting to the point when she told Ronnie to just stop asking her questions when he wasn’t going to listen to her anyway.

At 3:40 PM BBT, the feeds switch to the HOH room where Ronnie is sitting in the big chair watching the spy screen, which is focused on the kitchen. He then goes to the bathroom and kneels next to the tub while running his bath water.

3:43 PM BBT: Jordon says she would quit if no one talked to her and says she wishes they would skip it and let her and Laura stay another week. Chima says that she wishes he would just leave too, but that’s not going to happen. Jordan says that she felt bad for people because no one was talking to each other.

4:00PM BBT: It’s been a peaceful afternoon, with a lot of general chit-chat type conversations about personal things, but no serious game talk or drama of any kind.

4:37PM BBT: Jeff and Jordan are outside talking about how the other group has been hanging around each other more, and can get on each other nerves. Jordan say, “I think Russell will say just about anything to Laura. I can’t trust him. Jeff comes back with another great one liner. “I can’t trust him, but I can use him.”
Jordan, “What if I really did leave. I would cry.” Jeff, “I would too.” Jordan says that Laura is a bigger threat because the other group thinks that Laura’s smarter. Jeff, “No offense, but I do too.” He laughs, and then tells her that if she did go home, he would feel like it was his fault. “Me and you can talk and I can tell you anything, not just about the game. You can’t talk about the game 24/7.” Jordan agrees.

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009 Empty Re: BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

Post by FystyAngel on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:41 am

Jordan tells Jeff that Lydia wants Ronnie, Russell, and then Natalie out. Jeff talks about how Jessie had his back turned when the whole house was calling out Ronnie, like he didn’t want to get his hands dirty. I can’t believe that this is a game changer, like a dream. Jordan again expresses her concern about going home Thursday, and not being sure where people’s votes will fall. Jeff advises her to connect with Lydia more, because Kevin will vote with Lydia. Jordan says that Laura’s smart and a bigger threat. Jeff wonders if Jordan would have made it this far or further without him. She says, “No.” Jeff teases her, saying that her friends would probably ask her, “Why’d you make friends with that idiot? He sent you home.”

4:53PM BBT: Russell, Laura and Chima talk about how Ronnie pitted teammates like Chima and Michele against each other. Laura tells them how Ronnie would ask Michele math equations to see how smart she really is, and points out that it was Ronnie who pitted her and Jessie against each other.

5:18PM BBT: Michele tells Jeff that she is still undecided about her vote because they’re all so close.

[Ed. Between 5:18PM and 8:00PM BBT, there is a lot of general chit-chat in the house but nothing of substance or importance to the game. Please refer to updates for the details.]

8:08PM BBT: The backyard crew, which consists of everyone in the house but Ronnie, talk about the fact that Ronnie’s key is back in the slot beneath his picture, and that Russell pulled it back out. Evidently, the key hadn’t been there all day [Ed. Ronnie may have been considering DOR.] The general consensus is that Ronnie’s just trying to play the sympathy card, and still has a lot of time to come up with a new plan. All he has to do all day is watch the spy screen and run down to the kitchen to get food when no one’s inside. Russell says that on Thursday they should all sit on one side of the couch and leave Ronnie on the other side. Natalie says,” You know they won’t let us do that, they have an arrangement.” Russell and Jessie agree that they should work out before they start drinking. Then talk turns to masturbation. Russell says that you can’t do that because of the cameras. Jessie not saying much. Chima says that you can do it in the shower.

8:28PM BBT: Lydia comes out all dressed up, makeup on, and her purple beret. Natalie says, “You’re not allowed to sleep in our room tonight.” [Nat’s mad because Lydia was supposed to stay in her Natalie clothes until midnight] Lydia tells Natalie that’s okay, “I’ll sleep with Michele.”

8:32PM BBT: Ronnie comes out of his room and lies on the couch outside the HOH room.

8:35PM BBT: Ronnie returns to the HOH room and lies in bed.

8:45PM BBT: Michele is in the kitchen preparing dinner, while the others are either exercising or drinking in the BY.

8:59PM BBT: The girls decide they should all take on designer label nicknames. They ask for Jordan’s input since she’s already Gucci. They come up with Dior for Lydia, Cavalli for Chima, and Coach for Natalie.

9:04PM BBT: Lydia, Chima and Natalie are in the hot tub talking about Ronnie. Lydia says that it’s good that he has the HOH to retreat to, but should at least come down for food. They agree that he put himself in this situation, and that, ultimately, it’s better him than any of them. It makes no sense for them to stick up for him. Lydia says that every lie Ronnie told has a tiny bit of truth to it. Chima says that he’s just lying.

Lydia desperately wants to make out with someone. She would have been happy with a hot lesbian, and kind of expected BB to put one in the house for her.

9:09PM BBT: Ronnie makes a mad dash downstairs and scurries back up to the HOH room

9:11PM BBT: Russell explains to Lydia and Chima that the backdoor option is the best way to get rid of Ronnie, because his odds to save himself are considerably less than if he is nominated and guaranteed to at least play in the POV.

9:49PM BBT: Casey and Natalie are in the bathroom talking about putting Ronnie on the block next week, while Jeff showers. Casey asks Natalie, “Does that make sense? That person [whoever gets HOH] has to do the right thing and backdoor your boy. We’ve gotta decide as a group who’s going to go up. Then draw straws or whatever. Natalie says, “Yeah.” Jeff asks if they’re fighting, and they assure him that they’re not. “We’re just talking about the plan. Oly Chima or Michele got to throw it, but beside that whoever gets HOH gets it. Jeff asks if that means that they’re just going to play it out. Casey confirms it, and explains that the winner has to put up two people. We have to figure out an equitable way to pick those two, because thee’s always the chance they could go home.

9:52PM BBT: Michele: If Ronnie was as smart as h e thought he was, he would have thrown it to me last week

9:55PM BBT: Kevin, Natalie Michele and Chima are in the BY talking. Kevin says, “I think Ronnie still thinks he can change the situation. He's going to use some desperate lines though. Chima says that they’d have to be really dumb to save him. Lydia warns, “No, you burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. Michele adds, “Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, you go home.”

9:56PM BBT Casey confirms he's voting for Jordan, and thinks she'll stay.

10:00PM BBT Lydia; When do they usually do the double eviction? Is that like when it's the final six?
Chima: It's around when people start going to the jury house.
Lydia: It's usually one person goes, then the next week, two wind up going.
Kevin: I think they're going to bring somebody back? All the girls, " Please God, no."
Chima: Naw, they would have just brought Bryan right after he left.

Lydia; Could they bring back Evil Dick?

Chima: Evil Dick is running some show.

Lydia: If they did, I would say, what you did was beautiful.

Chima: They haven't brought back anyone since Season 9. They brought Kaysar back.

Lydia: Seriously, kinda like really, were you like blah, when Dan came in.

Kevin: I thought he was cute, just short.

Lydia: He was cute. I bet he's a freak in the bedroom. Did you notice when left, he high fived, Ronnie?

All: Really?

Lydia: He's hot.

Michele: Yeah, I tried to touch him, but it did not work.


Michele: Yeah, at one point he asked for a card, so I gave it to him and I tried to touch his hand and he pulled away?

Lydia: I bet he's a total pimp now.

Chima: That's why his GF broke up with him.

Lydia: Hello? He's going to Vegas. You don't go to Vegas alone.

10:05 PM BBT Kevin: When I told my boss I was going to be on BB, I was suddenly extra special
Lydia: You were like, You wanna give me a raise.

They all laugh and continue visiting.

10:09PM BBT Chima explains that after the show ends, you have a shelf life about a month in L.A., because there are real celebrities here. If I went back to podunk West Virginia, it would be six months.

Lydia: Ronnie said he wanted to meet some former BB guests.

Chima: Yeah, and he basically named each one since Season 1. I was like, Dude, you just want to meet everybody.

Lydia: He kept talking about Jase. Dude, he has like a family now. Do you think he's the same person.

Jordan: Who's that?

Chima: The blond dude that was on Season 5.

10:10PM BBT: Jordan, Jeff and Casey are outside and all agree that they can’t wait for the Lydia-Nat fight that’s brewing. Jordan tells them what Lydia said earlier about getting Nat out and not trusting Russ. They laugh about how Jessie has no personality and it's so awkward trying to hang out with him. They know part of the reason Lydia is against Natalie is because she's jealous of her relationship with Jessie. They agree to start playing up to Lydia how Jessie is always with Natalie, and vice versa.
10:15PM BBT: Jordan says that Michele told her she was voting for her because she got back doored and didn’t have a chance to play for the veto. Jeff says, "If you go home it's because of me." Casey agrees that it would be because of their relationship, but thinks that Jordan will stay. He suggests that Jordan plant the seed about Laura wanting Jessie and Natalie out to them tomorrow. "The Russell-Jesse conflict is brewing and the Natalie-Lydia conflict is brewing we just need to hang back and let it take its course"

10:23PM BBT: Laura is up, says she can't eat anymore slop.

10:27PM BBT: Ronnie is reading the bible in his HOH bed

10:28: BBT There’s a group gathered in the bathroom watching Natalie shower. Natalie: Can you all see me shower?

Lydia: I can see the top of your head. (they all laugh)

(Jessie struts in front of the mirror)

Kevin: We want to see Jessie. Can I see a butt cheek?

Chima: Forget that, I wanna see sweaty balls.

Jessie: You guys are mean.
Chima is tispy; getting droopy and with each sip of wine the talk grows nastier. She, Kevin and Lydia are sitting in the WC waiting for Jessie to shower.

Chima: We want a show.

Jessie doesn’t oblige.

Russell walked in. Chima says she wants to see his love muscle. Russell laughs. Grabs himself and says, you wanna see wait for me to go in.

Ooooohhh, the horny trio says in unison.

Russ: Well if we're going to show, you need to show us. Chima, Lydia, come on, show us some. They refuse. Russell dares Lydia to check out Jessie in the shower. She immediately pops up and walks into the side shower. Jessie turns around so she only sees his butt.

Kevin and Chima: We want details.

Lydia: That's for my memory only.

Russell says seeing men naked is no big deal. Women's bodies are beautiful, ya know. Men's bodies aren't.

Jessie from shower: Woah, woah. Don't say that. That's how I make my money.

Chima: Jessie, hurry up so Russell can get in there. I wanna see Russell's love muscle.

She gets her wish, and he goes into the shower, but she only sees Russell's butt.

Kevin: I wanted to see. Tell me, was it round?

Chim: Ummmmmm

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009 Empty Re: BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

Post by FystyAngel on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:42 am

10:36PM BBT [Russell about Ronnie] "How the f*ck do you not know you’ve got quarters in your ass? At what point do you go, oh, now there’s no quarters in my ass?"

10:50PM BBT Russell, Kevin, Michele, Chima, Lydia, Casey, Jeff, Jessie, Jordan, etc. all out in back yard sitting.

Russ: It's so quiet tonight.

Casey: That's because Ronnie isn't causing any sh*t tonight.

They all laugh, and have a very calm, civil, long talk about nothing

11:00PM BBT: Everybody but Ronnie is in the BY, and Casey begins the first game conversation in over an hour by bringing up how the two nominees should be chosen.

Casey: So, we need to talk. Michele and Chima will throw it. They won't go up for doing that. The rest of us will play for it. Whoever gets it, we have to come up with a way that's fair. Obviously, that person’s team won't go up.
We need to find a way to pick who throws it. Jessie, Michelle, Kevin, Laura, Gentlemen, do you agree? Jeff questions the agreement. Casey explains what they’re talking about to Jeff and Russell, who are playing pool, that they all agree not to put up anyone but Michelle and Chima, if they throw the HOH.

Russell says that he just wants a guarantee that if it is a question thing, then they make sure that Ronnie goes first. The group reminds him that Ronnie can’t play, and Russell agrees that he’s down with it.

Casey says that Ronnie may try to change their minds tomorrow, and then explains that the pro is that you can’t be nominated, the con is that you can’t win HOH and could possibly end up on slop. Michelle asks, “Who wouldn’t put Ronnie on slop?” Casey believes that they would all be willing to spend a week on slop if it means getting Ronnie out of the house.

Kevin says that he can see why some people would want to keep Ronnie, because he would basically do anything they want, and having Ronnie there would keep a target off their backs. Chima says that there are some people who genuinely want Ronnie out, and there are some people that don’t. But who know, BB could change it and disband the cliques.

Michelle, this week is 8 votes, 4 votes would tie it and the HOH would break the tie. Everyone doubts that Ronnie could get 4 votes. Kevin explains that the thing is that anyone caught talking to Ronnie would automatically have a target on their backs. Chima says that Ronnie is going to try to pull everyone aside. Casey says, “He ain’t pulling me shit!” Kevin says that Ronnie wouldn’t pull him aside, and Michelle says that he’ll be in one of thethe bedrooms. Casey suggests that if Ronnie does try to talk to one of them, that they should all agree to yell, “Hey, Ronnie’s trying to talk to me.” The group laughs. Casey says it would be like the Stranger Danger scenario. Chima says that he would definitely stop trying to talk to people.

Talk now turns to what room they should put Ronnie in after his HoH reign is over. Chima says, “I think we should put him in the Splash Room. Michelle cries, “No.” Jordan says, “He won’t go in there because Russell’s in there.” Jeff says, “Yeah, let’s make him sleep next to Russell.” They all laugh. Casey agrees they should put Ronnie in the room with him and Russell. Chima basically calls it a mute point, because they’ll be back in the Doom Room, because Ronnie will throw the Have and Have Not competition. She believes that he threw the first one, and didn’t have a problem sleeping on that bed or taking cold showers, and only had a minor problem with the slop.

Casey says that none of them would be there now if they didn’t have strong minds, but Ronnie’s got to be lonely up there. It’s got to be getting to him. Chima agrees, even when he became HOH he was always downstairs. Casey: “Or calling us upstairs like a King Shit. Kevin mocking Ronnie: “Go fetch this person, go fetch that person.” Casey says that they all went, “because that’s what you do when someone’s HoH, you put your pride in your back pocket.”

Chima turns her attention to Jessie and says that he wasn’t like that when he was HoH, calling everyone up there. Jessie ask if she means last season, or this. Now. Jessie agrees that he wasn’t like that last week.

Ronnie’s in the kitchen. Casey says he must be starving. Russell goes inside, and Casey said he’s going to listen as a witness. Jeff says, “So they can’t talk game.”

Russell confronts Ronnie in kitchen and lays into him saying that Ronnie must be upset that Russell got him. Tells him to go read and reread his letter, about how proud his wife is of him. He continues yelling at him, calling him Ratty, Rat, Rat. the entire time he's downstairs. Ronnie grabs a bottle opener and goes upstairs back into HOH. Minutes later, we see Ronnie by himself up in HOH eating snacks and drinking root beer.

When Russell comes back outside, Jeff says they got the gist. Jordan, who is sharing a chaise lounge with Lydia, asks why Ronnie’s so scared of Russell. Lydia says, “He’s super scared.” Jordan: “Yeah, he’s terrified.” The thing is that no one would hit him.

Casey talks about the upcoming week and how he would mock Ronnie, “Now who would I put up as a replacement nominee.” Says he’ll make up and 8-0 song.

Jordan whispers to Lydia that she’s worried about going home. Lydia reassures her that she’s got the votes, but she understands why she feels that way and being on slop isn’t helping. She doesn’t understand why Jordan and Laura don’t just eat a piece of pizza. Jordan says that they were about to make a pizza last night and BB warned them not to do it. The girls both wish that Ronnie would just quit. Lydia turns and says, “Russell, make him want to quit.” Russell says that it’s up to them. “If they let me be a d*ck, I’ll go up there and be a d*ck.” Jordan reminds him that he’s already been a d*ck. Russell says if they let him, he would go up and camp outside his door. “He was shaking just now.” The group consensus is that Ronnie would DOR if Russell could go after him.

Casey says that Ronnie came into this being a student of the game and believing that he was just going to walk all over them. It’s got to be killing him to be in this situation. And, even if he somehow miraculously stays this week, that he’s got to know that he will just go up every week until he’s gone. At least that should be the plan.

There is a group consensus that Ronnie will definitely try to talk to Jordan and Jessie. Natalie is on the couch listening to the conversation, and she doesn’t look very happy. Russell tells them if Ronnie tries to talk to anyone that they should just yell, “Russell,” and he’ll come running. Jordan asks why he would try to talk to her, and Russell explains that it’s because Ronnie believes that he can manipulate her. Natalie agrees that Ronnie will try to talk to Jordan and Jessie for sure. Russell explains, “Because he’s the closest to you two.” Russell says that this would have been a real bitch later on in the game. Jeff agrees, because if everyone was there they couldn’t be as sure about it as they are now. Russell say, “Yeah, you couldn’t ask questions, which would make it a lot more difficult. He just hit that crack pipe too soon.”

Russell wonders why Ronnie went to the DR without being called. Chima suspects that Ronnie wanted to DOR, but BB “talked him off the ledge.” Kevin asks Chima why Ronnie wanted to talk to her last night after everything blew up. She says she doesn’t know. Kevin says that it’s probably because Ronnie believed that he had a personal connection with Chima, and could get some sympathy from her. Casey says, “Man, he shitted on all eleven of us, shitted on us, don’t forget that over the course of the next ten days. Don’t feel guilty at all.” Chima says that she doesn’t feel guilty, she just thought he should eat, that’s all. Casey said that Ronnie is welcome to go to the kitchen, nobody’s gonna stop him, he may have to take some pressure, “but ain’t nobody gonna whip his ass.” Russell says that he thinks Ronnie came down to see what the vibe was. Chima wonders if he would really think that it had changed. Laura reminds them that they will all be locked in there with him on Thursday, and Jeff comments that that’s gonna be fun. They wonder if Ronnie will make a speech while there all up there, and Chima says that he’ll probably lock himself in the bathroom. Kevin tells her that he can’t lock the bathroom. Russell said if he tries to hide in there that he and Casey will be on him like white on rice.“ Kevin notes that Ronnie’s lips are like permanently pursed. Natalie, who has been very quiet throughout this entire conversation, says that just because she went up to Laura and asked her if she had said something, Ronnie went running to Jessie and said that Natalie can’t be controlled. Casey explains that Ronnie believed that he was just going to march to the end. It’s arrogance, really, he thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us. Chima said that last night Ronnie told her that he just wanted to talk to her personally, and that was before she found out the other sh*t.

They play a game called Buzz for about 30 seconds, followed by small talk of no importance.

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009 Empty Re: BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

Post by FystyAngel on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:43 am

11:32PM BBT: Jessie and Natalie are in the bathroom and aren’t very happy about the conversation in the backyard. Jessie says that he is going to tell people that they are on board the evict-Ronnie plan, even though he’s not. He’s worried that he and Natalie may end up on the block together.
11:35PM BBT: Natalie has rejoined the group in the backyard as the group discusses who they would possibly sacrifice should Ronnie win POV. Kevin promises that if he wins, that he wouldn’t put up Lydia or Chima. Lydia says that she wouldn’t put up Kevin, Chima or (?) Chima is sitting next to Natalie and says that based on what’s been said, Natalie and Jeff would [put them up]. Kevin casually asks Natalie, “Natalie would you? Would you put up Chima and Lydia? Natalie stops eating, pauses and doesn’t look up when she says, “I don’t know what I’d do. I haven’t thought about it.”

Kevin and Lydia are in the re-cycle room, and Lydia says that Natalie keeps giving her dirty looks. She and Kevin believe that something is up with Jessie and Nat. She said that she had asked Jessie if he wants to be seen as a home wrecker, and he got pissed. Kevin asks where her head’s at in the post-Ronnie blow-up. She thinks that Ronnie told too many lies too fast. “I feel bad that he’s not eating, but I’m not going to put my neck out for him. “ Lydia is upset with both Natalie and Jessie at the moment, and if they need to put Natalie or Jeff up, then so be it. Kevin says that if he wins HOH, he will put up two Athletes, and use the excuse that putting up two strong players makes the most sense because they have the best chance of winning veto. They both agree that they’re voting to keep Jordan. Lydia says that she’s on board to get rid of Ronnie, because he lied about the two of them to a lot of people. But she’s still concerned that Russell is aligned with Ronnie. Kevin tells Lydia that Chima is pissed because Natalie is resisting the plan, and is upset that this all happened now, because they don’t know what order to get rid of people. [Chima is now in the re-cycle room] Kevin believes that Natalie, Russell and Jeff have something together as the Athlete group. They all talk about Natalie being a liability to their group, because she’s clearly out for the Athletes. Kevin repeats that two Athletes are going up if he wins HOH. Lydia says that she trusts Jessie, but none of the other Athletes. Chima is worried about throwing the HOH cop, but agrees that Ronnie needs to go. Lydia thinks that it wouldn’t be terrible if Chima did win HOH, because it would allow them to get rid of an Athlete. Chima seems to be leaning toward throwing it, but isn’t sure. Lydia says that if BB ends the clique rule, it would be tempting to get rid of Casey. The one thing the three agree about for sure is that they will all vote against Laura on Thursday, because Jordan isn’t “all there” in the game, while Laura is conniving and needs to go. They all agree that the Athletes can’t be trusted. They’re concerned that Jessie is trying to align with Ronnie, because he and Natalie seem to be defending Ronnie. Kevin doesn’t like the reset idea, but thinks they should be cool with the other side, while actually remaining separate.

They all continue to talk about their distrust for the Athletes, and find it very tempting to try to get rid of one of them over Ronnie in order to reduce their numbers. Russell is their biggest target, along side either Natalie or Jeff.

12:23AM BBT: Lydia comes into the bedroom and jokes with Jeff and Jordon about the condom by their bed. Jordan says, “No way.” Jeff says, “I wish.” Jordan gasps, and then laughs. When Lydia leaves the room, Jeff grabs Jordan and says, “Let’s make out for the cameras.” Jordan laughs, “No way!”

12:29AM BBT: Chima and Michele are in the re-cycle room talking about the need for the two of them to band together after the reset. They agree that they have to think about whether or not to throw the HOH, but if there’s any way that they can push the HOH win toward the Offbeats over the Athletes, it would be to their advantage. They agree that people are blaming Ronnie for more than he is actually guilty of. Chima says that she doesn’t trust Russell, and thinks that Casey is being too outspoken right now.

We get FoTH at 1:04AM BBT. When the feeds return four minutes later, we learn that BB told them that they are going to turn the lights off at 2AM. Natalie says that won’t stop her from staying up. Jessie comes in the room and tells them that BB has never done this before.

1:27AM BBT: Lydia, Natalie and Kevin discuss sleeping arrangements. Kevin offers to take the raft tonight, because he feels bad that he hasn’t had to switch beds yet. Once that’s settled, game talk resumes. Who would Jordan put up? Kevin said that Jordan told him that she wouldn’t put him up. Natalie says that if she wins HOH, she’s gonna give the first key to Ronnie, the does a really evil laugh. Kevin says that he wants to host the POV, but doesn’t want to play. Natalie tells them that she wouldn’t mind if Kevin or Lydia won HOH. They wonder what’s going to happen when Ronnie comes downstairs on Thursday. Kevin says that he hopes things will be calmer by then. They wonder if Ronnie is hungry, or if he stocks up with food in the morning and puts it in his fridge. Chima and Natalie agree that Russell needs to lay off Ronnie, and let him get some food. Natalie says that Ronnie should have defended himself when Laura called him out, and the fact that he didn’t was the end of his game. They now go over the NBK numbers. There are only five of them now: Kevin, Lydia, Chima, Nat and Jessie. They realize that after Ronnie leaves, the numbers will be 5-5. Kevin says that they need to get Michele on their side because she is going to be the swing vote, so they need to be extra nice to her. Natalie points out that if the keep Ronnie next week, and then they would have the numbers. Kevin and Chima laugh, and Chima explains that doing that wouldn’t be drawing the line in the sand, it would be a canyon. Natalie sticks her neck out again by trying to convince Kevin and Chima to bring Ronnie in, because he doesn’t have any other choices in the house. They all disagree, and say that they could never trust him again. Kevin explains that there just isn’t enough return for the risk they’d be taking, and prefers to try to get Michele on their side rather than keeping Ronnie.

Chima tells Kevin and Natalie about the conversation she had with Michele earlier, about having to stay together after Ronnie leaves. They all agree that after Ronnie leaves, they need Michele on their side. They all agree that if Ronnie committed to any side, it would be with Jessie. Natalie says that Ronnie really likes Jessie. Natalie continues to lobby for Ronnie by saying that he promised to be true to NBK minus Russell.

1:33AM BBT: Jessie and Russell are in the backyard talking about Ronnie. Russell tells Jessie that he now believes that he, Jessie and Natalie are tight now…that he had doubts because he knew that Ronnie was working with them so closely. Jessie says that it’s not to their advantage to get rid of Ronnie right now. Russell is noncommittal. After pushing for a while, Jessie says that Russell can do what he wants, of course, but that Ronnie would be on their side and he should think about it. He explains that everybody wanted Russell out, but that he and Natalie went to bat for him and Ronnie ultimately sided with them.

1:42AM BBT: Back in the bedroom, Lydia, Natalie and Kevin discuss the fact that Laura isn’t campaigning more to stay, and think that it may be because she doesn’t know that she’s leaving. Why wouldn’t she eat if she knows that she’s going home anyway? They all agree that they won’t miss Laura when she leaves, because of the way she always walks around the house all dolled up. Chima attributes it to Laura’s insecurity. Kevin says that he doesn’t like weak women, and Laura is the epitome of a weak woman.

1:44AM BBT: The discussion between Jessie and Russell continues in the backyard. Russell says that Casey is worthless, and that Jeff is actually good for their team now that he’s fighting to win and can’t put them up. They both worry about everyone else, and Jessie believes that it is imperative that the Athletes win HOH. Russell thinks that drawing staws might actually be a good way to go, because they would have better odds of not having two of their people on the block. Russell thinks he can work on Chima tomorrow, and then admits that he’s playing Chima, making her think that he likes her in order to use her.

1:50AM BBT: Natalie joins Jessie and Russell in the backyard. Russell tells Natalie that he’s not sure about Chima, Lydia and Kevin. He believes in the Athletes and doesn’t have any other deals with anyone else. The conversation switches too MMA fighting when Kevin arrives. Jessie beats a praying mantis to a pulp, and the camera zooms in on the carnage.

2:00AM BBT: Natalie and Russell are talking in the backyard. Natalie confronts Russell, telling him that she’s heard that he has deals with a lot of people. Russell explains that he’s made deals with people in order to get information, but none of them was real. The only team that he’s committed to is Natalie, Jessie and Russell. Natalie says that she doesn’t trust Chima, Kevin or Lydia as much after they attacked her for defending Russell. They discuss how they will split up and talk with other people in order to gather information, but that they will get back together to share it. Russell will talk with Chima and Michele, and tells Natalie that they have to stop the paranoia about one another.

2:31AM BBT: Chima tells Jessie and Lydia that she would f*ck Russell if he gets HOH, but he has to have a nice room. Chima then asks, “Do you think Jeff is really into Jordan, or is he just bored?” They all discuss it, and Lydia believes that they are drawn to each other because they are both so sweet. Jessie tries to take the target off the pairs by saying that everybody connect to one person more than the others in here.

Jessie turns the conversation to his favorite subject, and compares himself to Kobe Bryant and Lebron James in the body building world. He goes on to talk about his ability to explain medical facts in layman’s terms, unlike his doctor friend, and fat kids with diabetes and how it’s disgusting. He tells them he gets emails from kids who tell him that he’s an inspiration to them to get in shape without the use of steroids. He goes on to talk about his dream of being in the WWE.

3:23AM BBT Natalie tells Jessie that she doesn’t think Lydia likes her. Jessie, “We’re so f*cked.” Jessie then says that it’s a good thing that Chima is attracted to Russell, because he’s playing her. Jessie tells Natalie that after his conversation with Russell, he trusts him. Natalie isn’t as sure about him. They both share the details of their Russell conversations.

Natalie says that she thinks Lydia is jealous of she and Jessie are partners. She tells Jessie to hang out with Lydia tomorrow and she’ll leave them alone. Jessie said that Lydia was jealous when he rubbed Nat’s shoulder earlier.

3:36AM BBT: Jessie is talking to Casey. “I have morals, standards and values. You guys got to see how I played this game.” Casey says, “I don’t remember most of it.” Jessie now rehashes his last BB experience, espousing his integrity, [yada, yada, yada].

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009 Empty Re: BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

Post by FystyAngel on Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:44 am


Casey turns the conversation back to the game by saying that Ronnie put Michele through extreme mental anguish beyond the game, by calling her stupid, and idiot, and threatening her by telling her that if she didn’t do what he said that she was out next week. And that Ronnie telling Kevin that Jeff was calling him a f*ggot goes beyond playing the game. Ronnie was so nasty, and the things Michele had to endure because of him is too extreme and he can’t respect it. Ronnie’s methods are unacceptable, and he hopes that he pays for it.

4:09AM BBT: Casey just went to bed, and Jessie is now in the WC lying down facing Lydia, and wants her to pull an ingrown hair from his face. She says that she doesn’t want to doctor his face. Jessie sits next to her and wants her to rub something. She starts rubbing his knee and calf, while Jessie asks her questions about what they were talking about. [Ed. don’t have a clue who Jessie is asking about.]

Jessie asks her if she is excited to win HOH. Lydia tells him yes, because she wants pictures from her little sister, who draws really cute, funny little pictures. Jessie asks if she there are any pictures that stick out in her mind, like holidays, etc. Lydia says that she has 8,000 pictures on her laptop and pictures all over the place. He asks if she has any naked pictures, and she tells him that’s none of his business.

Jessie tells Lydia that anytime she is sore he will rub her, but she never works out so she doesn’t get sore. Lydia asks how his day was, and he tells her that he got made fun of because of a dream he had. He said he only told one person his dream, and that person blew it way out of proportion.

5:24AM BBT: Jessie and Lydia are still awake, and Lydia is complaining that Natalie never discusses anything with her—like her life, her boyfriend, etc. Jessie says that it’s just because they have different [personality] traits. Just because she doesn’t talk to you about her boyfriend doesn’t mean anything, and assures her that Natalie has her best interests in mind. Lydia says she would just like to be able to talk to the child without her clamming up.

This Jessie- Lydia lovefest is filled with inane conversation continues until 6:35AM BBT

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly

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BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009 Empty Re: BB11 Daily Recap July 21, 2009

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